Support Arcadia Children’s Farm Camp

All America Selections Mascotte Green Beans from Jonathan Bardzik on Vimeo.

Passion for food fresh from the garden and farm starts young! For the past three summers, Jonathan Bardzik has had the pleasure of participating in Arcadia Farm Camp – working with 6–11 year olds to make delicious and simple recipes using farm-fresh ingredients that they’ve helped to grow.

For each copy of Jonathan’s new cookbook, Seasons to Taste, ordered between December 8th and 18th from (promo code ARCADIA), $5 will be donated to Arcadia Farm Camp Scholarship Fund for summer 2016.

Help send kids to Farm Camp who otherwise would not be able to experience the wonders and delicious discoveries of Arcadia Farm.

For more information about the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture click here.

Does Farm Camp have an impact?

  • 89% of Farm Campers reported that they would try more fruits & vegetables after Farm Camp
  • 82% of Farm Campers in Farm Creatures week said they now care more for insects and animals
  • 96% of Farm Campers in Small Chefs week discovered a new vegetable or fruit during camp!
  • 90% of families agree that their child understands where food comes from and that food production is part of the natural cycles of the earth.
  • 88% of families agree that their child can identify local, seasonal fruits & veggies.

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