Stove-top Thanksgiving sides

Thanksgiving dinner prep can be stressful. It’s probably the biggest menu and the largest piece of protein you will tackle all year. It doesn’t help that most of the work traditionally happens in the oven, from roasting the turkey, squash and root vegetables, to baking off sweet potatoes, stuffing and mac and cheese.

GoldRush apples with pancetta
Photography by Sam Armocido

In restaurant menu planning, part of the process involves making sure the menu evenly utilizes the cooking equipment so you don’t have 3/4ths of your menu prepared on the stovetop while ovens and fryers sit idle.

So this Thanksgiving lets put your underused stovetop to work with the quick and easy sides. You’ll be less stressed trying to cook and reheat most of your side-dish menu after the turkey comes out of the oven and have more time for being thankful – thankful that you wore the really loose pants this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Get the recipes here:

Pomegranate glazed parsnips and carrots

GoldRush apples with Pancetta

Pomegranate-glazed parsnips and carrots

The best mashed potatoes ever!

Pink peppercorn and pear cranberry compote

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