National Pi Day

March 14th is that wonderful celebration of math. I know, it’s a subject you hold warmly in your heart and the idea that math has its own holiday fills you with great joy. Seriously though, Pi is important.

First of all, Pi is the ratio of the width of a circle to the distance around it. The distance around, or circumference, of any circle is roughly 3.14 times the width, or diameter of said circle. More importantly you can use Pi to calculate the surface area and ultimately the volume of a circular object, like a pie, so that you can give everyone a perfectly even slice.

Or, like me, you can just give everyone a sliver and keep the rest for yourself. Happy Pi Day indeed!

Enjoy the recipes from this appearance on Good Morning Washington WJLA ABC7!

Root vegetable galette in a poppyseed crust

Smoked salmon and asparagus kugel

Panang curry coconut pumpkin pie

Chicken and pest pizza

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