Cooking from Seasons to Taste: Kelly’s Kale

2015-01-03-3 P1 Kale w cranberry

Photography by Matt Hocking

My new cookbook, Seasons to Taste, arrives in just a few weeks. I wanted to get some pages from the book into the hands of friends and family so they could cook and share the results. First in is my friend Kelly from Maine. This is no small test. Kelly has not only been an executive chef, but is an avid home horticulturalist who always has amazing garden-fresh food at the ready.

With my book in hand Kelly picked out Sautéed Kale with Dried Cranberries from the winter section of the book – yup, that kale keeps growing with a little protection all winter long! And the results?

“I made your Quick Sautéed Kale with Cranberries this evening,” Kelly wrote. “I often sauté kale fresh from my garden with Vidalia onions and balsamic, so I assumed this would be very similar.”

I was nervous, until I read:

12168652_10206445879537865_1102022111_o“It wasn’t,” Kelly reported. “It was better. I followed your recipe to the letter, even going out a few days ago to procure a shallot. I had Red Russian kale and the dried cranberries already at hand, so the ingredient list was simple and manageable.”
“Your directions are simple and easy-to-follow, and the tips helped a lot – especially the part about rolling the kale leaves up like a cigar prior to chopping them. Initially, I didn’t want to add the sugar because I thought that the cranberries would be sweet enough.”
JB_kickstarter_700x884“The end result was absolutely delicious. The sugars really brought out a range of flavors in the kale that I hadn’t experienced before. All-in-all, it was tasty, quick, simple, and easy.”
Even better?
“I served them to [my husband] Roger and he loved them! A+”
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