Don’t cry for me.

Onion on JuliaFive years ago my husband, Jason, and I went vegetarian. It was a great three months.

(Wait for it…and laugh.)

It may not have lasted, but it was a great learning experience. We discovered quickly that our normally continental dinner time of 8:30 or 9:00 was edging up on 10:00. It just takes so much more time to chop all of those veggies than to slap a pork chop in a pan.

We knew we needed some knife skills and the first one we learned was how to dice an onion. I show you how in this quick video below. So, I’ve now saved you 5 minutes of dinner prep a night. On Thanksgiving, when you have that entire bag of onions to dice? I just gave you three hours to sleep in.

You’re welcome.

How to dice an onion from Jonathan Bardzik on Vimeo.

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