National Pi Day

March 14th is that wonderful celebration of math. I know, it’s a subject you hold warmly in your heart and the idea that math has its own holiday fills you with great joy. Seriously though, Pi is important. First of all, Pi is the ratio of the width of a […]

The holiday cocktail party diet.

Cheese, sugary punches and small bites wrapped in puff pastry are staples of the holiday cocktail circuit. If your social calendar has you running from one party to the next you might find yourself living on a diet of hors d’oevres and alcohol. Given the title of this piece you […]

Stove-top Thanksgiving sides

Thanksgiving dinner prep can be stressful. It’s probably the biggest menu and the largest piece of protein you will tackle all year. It doesn’t help that most of the work traditionally happens in the oven, from roasting the turkey, squash and root vegetables, to baking off sweet potatoes, stuffing and […]

Overnight success.

GoldRush (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) apples appeared at my local farm market about 5 years ago and took off, an overnight success. Sort of. The first seedling of GoldRush was planted at the Purdue University Research Farm in Lafayette, Indiana in 1973. Seven years later it was selected as […]

Party on!

Strawberry and black pepper shrub Makes 3-4 cups syrup Nothing is worse then sipping sparkling water while your friends enjoy a cocktail. This syrup does double duty dressing up your water alongside their sparkling wine or vodka cocktail so you’re not left out of the delicious fun. Ingredients: 1 cup […]

Go outside and play.

It’s an absolutely perfect day outside. Spring rains have washed the pollen from the air which smells sweet, carrying the fragrance of gardens bursting to life. Summer’s heat is on it’s way but for this afternoon the light sweat I will earn weeding, planting the last of my herbs, and […]