This is so difficult you may not even want to try.

The gift of a spaetzle-maker, originally intended for the giver’s daughter – “Honestly, you’re more likely to use it.” – has plagued me for years. It sat in the cupboard leering, challenging me to finally take it from it’s simple, clear plastic wrapping and make a batch of the quickly […]

Serendipity is unpronounceable in German.

Serendipity occurred Saturday night in a German restaurant. Dipping a bite of weisswurst in mustard, I immediately recognized the same sharp, bitter taste I had battled working with turnips, two nights earlier. Cookbook after cookbook, recommended heavy cream or rich caramelization to balance the flavor. Our test kitchen feedback on […]

“I’ll take the light potato salad, please.” 1

  With each new summer cookout looms the threat that someone is going to show up with those clear plastic containers from the deli counter of potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw. Now, rumor has it that these salads actually contain potatoes, macaroni and cabbage, but the protective coating of […]

“Green Soup” could sound more enticing…

  There is nothing remotely enticing about “green soup.” Of course, “chipped beef” wasn’t created by a marketing genius. Neither was spotted dick. The recipes, however…simple and amazing! Caldo Verde is a classic Portuguese soup of kale and sausage. Cavolo nero, or lacinato kale, is not the curly, frilly kale you […]