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Photography by Marta FitzSimon.

Photography by Martha FitzSimon.

Jonathan’s events deliver laughter, storytelling and delicious farm-fresh food that your audiences will remember.  Jonathan is supported by an experienced and dedicated team assisting with details and logistics to deliver a professional and enjoyable event from start to finish.  Contact us for additional information and availability.

I’m interested in events for:
Farm Markets, Corporate or Non-Profit, Retail Stores, In-Home

Farm Markets

Farm Market Demonstrations:

Jonathan brings not only great food but also a lively and informative experience to his farm market cooking demonstrations. He shares simple, delicious recipes along with helpful hints, useful techniques, and engaging stories – inspiring people to enjoy farm market ingredients in their own kitchens. Jonathan’s demonstrations highlight produce and other products available fresh that day at the market and include free samples and customized recipe cards encouraging market shoppers to pick up ingredients at the market and try the recipe at home.

Jonathan has given more than 150 live farm market cooking demonstrations over the past five years establishing a proven track record of building loyal audiences and increasing sales for farm market vendors.

4 recipes presented in 90 minutes starts at $300 plus food

Corporate or Non-Profit

Corporate and Organization Group Events

From client events and board meetings to staff appreciation and team building, Jonathan’s events combine the popular world of farm and garden-fresh cooking with storytelling that will have attendees laughing, learning and eating.  Held in your conference room or meeting space, events range from entertaining demonstrations to interactive learning and team building with your attendees working together to prepare a meal or create their own brand new recipe.

Starting at $5000

Conference, Expo and Trade Show Events:

Whether for a crowd of 30 or 300, Jonathan entertains your audiences and sends them home with an experience they’ll remember for years to come. With clients including USDA and National Geographic, the Rhode Island Flower and Garden Show and the MANTS and EIGC trade shows, Jonathan brings experience working with your attendees, sponsors and media to connect the popular world of farm-fresh cooking with the value of your mission and products.

Event formats range from VIP receptions and show floor demonstrations to keynote presentations.

Starting at $5000

Product and Brand Representation:

Jonathan will represent your company as a spokesperson, by sharing the joy of cooking with your products in the home kitchen with your customers and his highly-interactive social media community. Jonathan can share your product through live appearances and video, recipe development and product testimonials on his blog and other social media platforms, as well as ad placement on his website.

Ask for project pricing. Hourly rates start at $250.

Photography by Matt Hocking.

Photography by Matt Hocking.

Residential building events:

Entertain your condo or apartment building residents with cooking and storytelling celebrating the local farm markets and grocers available near your property. Jonathan provides a turnkey event, using your demonstration kitchen or setting up his own popup kitchen in your club room. Residents enjoy storytelling, learn new recipes and techniques and leave with recipe cards customized with your property logo.

Starting at $800

Retail Stores

Specialty Food and Culinary Retailers:

Photography by Matt Hocking.

Photography by Matt Hocking.

Jonathan gets your customers excited about your establishment and products with live demonstrations that incorporate storytelling, farm-fresh seasonal food and recipes customized to highlight your inventory. Jonathan will have your customers spending and talking about your business to their friends.

Starting at $600 with book purchase minimums

Garden Centers:

Produce doesn’t get any more local than straight from the back yard or patio — edibles are hot and Jonathan will inspire your customers to grow more and enjoy success from kitchen to table. Growing up working in his own family’s garden center, Jonathan understands your business and your customers. He targets his recipes to the inventory on your racks and gets customers spending and talking about your business.

Staring at $600 with book purchase minimums

(*Discounted pricing is available for customers of Overdevest Nurseries, LLP)

Book Stores:

Contact us for demo pricing and wholesale book discounts and minimums.


Photography by Jenny Lehman.


In-home Teaching Dinners:

Welcome Jonathan into your kitchen for a cooking class or a full teaching dinner. Jonathan will teach you how to make simple, delicious recipes that are easy enough for Tuesday night and special enough for your next dinner party.  Jonathan brings everything but the plates, silverware and your drink of choice.

Starting at $1000 for groups of 6