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Whether you love spending hours creating in the kitchen, or just enjoy eating the results, cooking is fun! Better than a network television show, Jonathan brings delicious, live entertainment to your home kitchen or corporate event. From private, at-home teaching dinners to interactive entertainment at your next business networking event Jonathan is a guaranteed good time. (According to our lawyer, we are not actually guaranteeing a good time. However, he hasn’t failed to deliver yet.)

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Bring Jonathan home:

Cooking classes

washington_dc_cooking_demo_party_wedding_gift_teach_shower_annapolis_chef_6Whether you and your friends can whip up soufflés in your sleep or reliably ruin frozen pizza, Jonathan creates classes combining essential skills, easy tips and new inspiration for your daily cooking. Working with farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients, Jonathan will design a custom menu for your lifestyle and your palate. Grab a few friends, roll up your sleeves, improve your knife skills, and learn new recipes that will keep day-to-day eating interesting, healthy and fun.

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Teaching dinners

Your next dinner party just got more interesting. Jonathan joins you and your guests for an evening spanning small bites to dessert. Custom menus designed for your palate and dietary needs, feature seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients. Jonathan will work with you to prepare memorable dishes selected to teach skills you’ll quickly be using night after night in the kitchen. You and your guests will laugh, learn, enjoy a delicious meal and have the opportunity to ask all those nagging cooking questions you’ve been too afraid to ask (don’t worry, leeks kind of scare us too!).

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Wedding registry cooking lessons

Congratulations! You’re married and starting a new life with an amazing partner and a shiny KitchenAid mixer. It’s time to learn how to use all those new gifts from your registry. Jonathan will create a custom cooking class to show you how. Learn recipes and skills that match your life: quick and healthy weeknight meals, dazzling dinners for a home filled with guests, or baking skills to share with children someday. Enjoy a private class together, or reunite your wedding party (or in-laws) and share time enjoying good food while reliving your big day. Book early during your wedding planning and Jonathan will provide a wedding registry consultation.

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Corporate and non-profit:

Team building event

Would your team benefit from improving cooperation, communication and alignment around core goals? Jonathan can get your team collaborating in the kitchen while building skills to grow your success in business. Work with Jonathan to create a custom, interactive event, cooking with farm-fresh, local ingredients. Jonathan’s experience in his family’s small business and more than ten years with a national trade association give him the perspective to understand your company or organizational needs. His skills in the kitchen will deliver tasty and tangible results.

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Cooking demos

Combining cooking and eating, and you’ve found an activity everyone loves. Jonathan prepares delicious dishes complete with storytelling, humor and fun cooking tips. Whether entertaining at your next event or reception, or cooking with farm-fresh ingredients at a wellness event, Jonathan will entertain and teach your attendees. Jonathan also has extensive experience working with family and child audiences. Recipe cards with your logo are a take away your attendees will keep for years to come.

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After successful careers in both his family’s business and working for a national trade association in Washington, DC, Jonathan was inspired to pursue a passion for sharing his love of cooking that has become his business and avocation. Jonathan shares his journey, inspiring attendees to reach for the stars, and prepare for the realities of achieving their goals. He will have your audience laughing and excited about his adventures in the kitchen and the unexpected path to reaching your dreams.

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