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Stories. Food. Connections.

Jonathan Bardzik is a Washington, DC-based storyteller, cook and author bringing people together through food, entertainment, and stories about the people and work that make our lives matter. Everybody eats! Jonathan uses our familiarity and love of food to develop teams and teach audiences how to tell their organizations’ stories confidently and memorably.

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Corporate and non-profit events:

Keynote Speaking

Engage and re-energize your attendees with Jonathan’s unique storytelling session. Through the familiar subjects of favorite foods and great meals, Jonathan will entertain your attendees and build their confidence telling stories that are memorable, shared broadly, and inspire action. Jonathan intersperses attendee interaction with his own stories that touch, teach and entertain – honed through over 200 live appearances. Your attendees will leave energized and confident in telling the important story of their work and your organization.

Photography by David Keith

Storytelling workshops

Stories are remembered, shared, and inspire action. At work, that means better teamwork and more effective communication. Externally, it builds customer loyalty and earns new business. Beginning with the familiar topics of favorite foods and memorable meals, Jonathan works with your team to build the skills and confidence to tell the important story of your organization, their personal contributions, and what sets you apart from your competition.

Team development experiences

Teams that share trust, confidence in the value of their work, and an understanding of each other’s history, deliver at the office. Going beyond food to the people, places, and events that bring us to the table gets your team sharing, connecting and learning. With your team relaxed and engaged, Jonathan shifts the conversation to exploring your workplace issues and needs.



Team building storytelling and cooking experience

You’ve survived the ropes course and escaped the room, now let storyteller, cook and author Jonathan Bardzik engage your team in preparing and sharing a farm-fresh meal. Jonathan shares stories and tips that will have your team laughing, learning, and helping out as he prepares a delicious meal. During the meal, your team will share their own stories as they build trust, have fun, and return to the office de-stressed and re-energized. Menus may be customized to meet dietary restrictions and preferences.

At Home: Teaching dinners:

Jonathan’s in home events create a truly special opportunity to relax and connect with friends and family. This is not your average cooking class! Jonathan joins you at home to cook a full meal while you learn new recipes, techniques and tastes. Jonathan teaches you how to make simple, delicious food that is easy enough for Tuesday night and special enough for your next dinner party. His humor and storytelling keep your guests entertained whether they enjoy getting hands-on or prefer to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the show! Jonathan brings everything but the plates, silverware and your drink of choice.

My Story

Following a passion for food and storytelling, I gave my first live farm-market cooking demonstration in July 2011. Combining food stories and cooking with my experience growing up in a family business, a performing arts degree, MBA, and 11 years in marketing and membership with a national trade association, I work with organizations to connect around the table and in the office, telling the important stories of their work. I also teach and entertain home cooks, and have given over 250 live appearances, written three cookbooks, produced several video series, and created more than 700 recipes with farm-fresh seasonal ingredients. While appearing in USA Today, Forbes, Thrillist and Food Network Magazine was exciting, I get the most satisfaction from working with live audiences. I truly believe the kitchen is a place where we can discover, create and share joy. I would love to share that joy with you and your team.