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Georgian Persian Fusion Cauliflower Soup

Georgian Persian Fusion Cauliflower Soup Serves 6 – 8 I developed this recipe for a cooking demo at Washington, DC’s Bazaar Spices combining Persian and Georgian spices. Dry Adjika is Georgia’s answer to Garam Masala. Warm and fragrant with fennel, red pepper and blue fenugreek. Dried black limes are brined and sun-dried […]

Persian Spiced Chicken

Persian Spiced Chicken Serves 4-6 Remember chicken Cacciatore? This is the Persian version, rich and comforting.  The warmth and heat of Baharat is balanced by the pleasant bitterness of Sabzi Ghormeh stewing herbs. Tart black lemons brighten the sweetness of red pepper.  Ingredients: 2 black lemons 2 cups boiling water 1 […]